Just a random dude writing on the internet. Interested about tech and communication.


I initially started with PHP (2013). Joined as junior software developer and started developing web system using Yii framework. Not long after, I moved on to other projects and have been using Laravel for around 3 years since then

Mid 2015, I took another experience as front-end dev. Started with vue js, and moved to react after 1 year of using vue. Have been using react since then.

Early 2017, there was a need to migrate PHP-backed system to Go, to increase efficiency and modularity (go’s single binary) and that was the first project where I applied my Go knowledge.

Recently, I’ve been doing personal project for a competition using python to predict the emotion of a stream of wav audio.

To sum up, I like to tinker with technologies, and getting into the loop of learn, apply, repeat.

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